How much commercial space contributes to brand value?

We can say that enough. So much so that we talk about a new marketing trend in commercial spaces, “flow”.

Everyone should understand that the brand and its image is a compendium of many factors. Not only the logo, corporate colors or website. It is also the philosophy and values ​​of action and, as we are talking about today, the “physical” space where the service is provided.

A shop or business premises must accompany the customer in their purchase, in their experience with the brand and make it really positive. That consumer will be getting “signs” of how the brand works and therefore everything should be chord: the distribution of space, color, lighting and even smells.

In Sagarbe we know this and so we work under the premise of customization with our customers. We know the brand, its values, its corporate image, colors and so from the first revision to an issue, we check the materials that brand works, colors and care up to the last detail so the problem has no effect in the interior marketing.

What can we learn for our business and our brands?

– The perceived value of the offered product depends largely on the environment in which the customer receives the offer.

– The value of experience reinforces the value of the brand.

– That we must be careful to materialize our commercial spaces to reflect the values ​​and personality of our brand.

For all of these reasons, Sagarbe works to maintain your commercial space, for it to be in the best conditions and taking in consideration the “flow” that promotes the final purchase by the consumer.

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