Like when there are problems in your business and you are the first one to try to coordinate the “actuation protocol” in the best manner, we are very clear in the way we work. There are no magic formulas or a matter of luck; we believe in the best service based on the axis of constant communication.

Robert Papin already talked about it: “If you do not know to communicate well with others, you will not know to convince or motivate. If you  don’t know how to communicate you’ll be misinformed and will not be able to direct or control effectively”. 

Thus, an impact on the infrastructure of your business acquires significant importance because of rapid sales and management depend jobs.

Like something comparable, if you constantly get notifications of your latest interactions in social networks, why not receive it of something that really matters? Isn’t it better to know first hand what’s happening, how the process is going and be calm?

Well,tha’ts why Sagarbe, through its management system goes a step further and offers a complete real-time communication with the process of the incidence.

Do you have more stores to deal with? Can’t move to the damaged infrastructure? We are here to make these situations more bearable.

Besides your tranquility, as we said before, it’s part of our business philosophy. We need to know what happens and what is the status of the incident and thus meet the timelines. Nothing feels worse in these cases that a change in the terms or due date or in  in the final budget, or also when things are already done. That’s why in Sagarbe communication is the basis of our good work, monitoring the entire process, from when the technician to your store, repair and service provided to the final reports. Us, our employees and you are interconnected so that there is no “noise”, only clear and direct information.

How many relationships have ended because there was no “communication”? How many misunderstandings have become bigger because there hasn’t been a simple talk? As always, the answer is to talk, and we like that a lot. We speak a lot and everything is for you.

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