Fire Protection


Fire Protection

At Sagabe Facility Services we carry out installations and maintenance of Fire Protection equipment guaranteeing the requirements established in the Fire Protection Installations Regulation, considering the needs of each client’s installations to customize the installation or maintenance, applying our knowledge and experience to offer the most effective solution.

We have professionals to control and maintain our clients’ installations in accordance with the regulations for each element (extinguisher, nozzle, hydrating agent, alarm, etc.) during the specified period of operation, and issue the corresponding records and certificates.




 At Sagabe Facility Services we combine knowledge, professionalism, and experience to offer the most advanced and innovative solutions for fire detection, prevention, and extinguishing. Only in this way can we ensure a rapid response in emergency situations and minimize physical and material losses.

Always complying with the regulatory framework, adjusting to the requirements, keeping abreast of the latest technological advances and regulatory changes, to manage the facilities with the highest quality and professionalism.


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